Clouds on the wall

Three years ago in a creative moment I created clouds on the wall. A relatively ordinary wall shrub Euonymus ‘Emerald n Gold’ was given a new lease of life with a little careful pruning and manipulation. By understanding the way the plant grows and the branching structure you can open up individual sections to create the “clouds”.

Jake Hobson on cloud pruning Yew trees.

Cloud pruning cannot be done overnight. It is a slow process that will take several years to complete, if it is ever complete. This short film by Jake Hobson of Niwaki explains the process on English Yew trees, Taxus bacatta.

Although the final process takes time there are a number of options that can be adopted. From extreme clouds to a more simple structure get in touch and I will happily let you know if your tree or shrub can be cloud pruned.


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Teaching about plants and the environment in some amazing places.

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