Creative pruning

The whole idea of creative pruning is to think a little bit differently. By using the natural branching and structure you can play around and have some fun. You can do this with a wide range of shrubs and trees. It is important to understand the growth and branching patterns and requirements before you start. Plants that regenerate quickly are ideal such as the Camellia and Brachyglottis below, also Yew, Box and Osmanthus make great specimens. Evergreen shrubs are generally easier to work with and have a more amenable habit for regeneration and easier creative pruning projects.

The plants in the images have pruned in a creative Niwaki style. Opening up the specimen to bring a sense of age and maturity and also allowing additional planting below due to the light that can now come through. This style is promoted and practised by Jake Hobson of Niwaki in Dorset. It is a Japanese style of pruning which is the inspiration for a lot of my current work.


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Teaching about plants and the environment in some amazing places.

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